Breanna Musgrove
Creative Direction & Strategy, Brand Storytelling

Denim Forum Brand Development & Campaign

In 2018 Aritzia launched their own denim line and the product team came to us with a collection grounded in classic fits, inspired by iconic women.

Our first step was to developed a value proposition for the line that acted as a structure for all brand and communication decisions to follow. With an aesthetic inspired by rock and roll actvisim, and a clarity in positioning and messaging, Denim Forum became the most successful new brand launch in Aritzia history.

︎ Scope of project

Brand Positioning and Strategy, Brand Name, Naming Conventions, Key Message Strategy, Identity, Product Branding, Launch Campaign, Seasonal Campaigns

︎ Role
Development leading to launch—Brand Director, Women in Denim Campaign—Creative Campaign Direction, Creative Team Lead

Vancouver, CA