Breanna Musgrove
Creative Direction & Strategy, Brand Storytelling

Tested, Perfected, Proven

Proven was a cross-channel content series built to showcase pieces that have been at Aritzia for 5, 10, 15+ years. We often struggled with marketing these styles because they were featured season after season. This concept was based on meeting a series of objectives:

︎︎︎ Highlight the value and provide additional context for established styles—they are icons for a reason.

︎︎︎ All of these styles have been built out into multiple iterations. This often left the customer unclear why so many items had the same name and questioning where the differences lay. How can we make this shopping experience easier?

︎︎︎ Use the positioning of this series to reinforce the value of Aritzia as a whole. Every one of these pieces are a success because they embody the values that make Aritzia a success. Building a shopping experience based in brand education felt more relevant than sending customers to an ‘About Us’ page.

︎ Approach
Classically captured photography reinforced timelessness and quality. Paired with a simple story arc providing context around original design intention, key design details and outlined all style variations. Additional touches of animated type and video added levity.

We then approached each channel differently allowing each to leverage the assets that would best suit them. Digital held the entire story, social leveraged video details and retail designed a signage journey making navigation in-store simple and impactful.

︎Scope of Project
Series Concept, Content Journey/Wireframing, Photography, Animation, Key Messages & Journey

︎ Role
Concept and Creative Development, Creative Team Lead

Vancouver, CA