Breanna Musgrove
Creative Direction & Strategy, Brand Storytelling

Scout & Catalogue

I built an accessories brand out of a blog and ran it full-time for over 8 years. In that time I went from creating and selling everything myself to overseeing a small staff and running my production out of a factory in Portland, fulfilling large wholesale accounts.

The line between business and creative has always been an interest of mine and never has that line been more meaningful than when I was equally in charge of both.

︎ Why is it called Scout & Catalogue?
In 2009 I quit my corporate job and moved to Mexico. While there I started a blog to answer all the inquiries from my friends and family about my new life. I also learned how to dye fabrics. The name for the blog and, subsequently my line, came from the idea that I was scouting a new country and cataloguing my findings.

Literally anything the business needed from me

Vancouver, CA