Breanna Musgrove
Creative Direction & Strategy, Brand Storytelling

Super Puff Key Learnings

Have you ever worked on something for months and then forgotten to capture it when it finally goes live? Me too. 😳️

Super Puff is the biggest campaign of the year—running from August until November. There are multiple styles, over 65 colours, limited edition drops, a variety of technical features and the biggest challenge of all—keeping people interested for three whole months. Below are a few things I picked up along the way.

︎ Scope of Project
Campaign Direction, Product Branding, Key Messages and Journey, Creative Content Journey, Custom Font, Photography

Creative Team Lead

︎ The power of the Kardashians.

It’s real. Throw going viral into the mix and you’re going to make impact. This was especially powerful in the US market.

︎ A super long campaign that keeps people interested is kind of like a good 7-layer dip.

The marketing team structured the calendar to include limited edition drops in order to keep energy high over such a length of time. Each week was mapped out with a tiered (ahem, layered) approach to our creative assets—evergreen campaign, LE drop and surprise & delight.

︎ Selling down jackets in August? Start with the vests!

︎ Did you know dogs are influencers? Me neither.

︎ Icons make communicating technical features 3000% easier.

︎ Custom fonts hide a multitude of sins.

︎ Creative for a tease and drop strategy takes a village.

What channels, how to manage timing, how much or little to reveal, how to communicate waiting lists or pre-purchase, how to keep the conversation rolling after the big reveal. These were all things that were new to the team and took a huge amount of cross-functional effort to make a success.

︎ Never underestimate that random surprise & delight.

Sometimes a dancing super puff is just what you need to cut through the noise AND launch a TikTok challenge.

︎ Designing a one-stop-shop that outlines the entire campaign is an all-hands-on-deck sort of project .

Bonus learning: how to pivot when the story arc you imagined to be the most compelling isn’t what people actually click on. Note to future self—people care less about zipper technology and more about seeing other people wearing the sh*t out their jackets.

︎ No matter how amazing your campaign assets look, people will always prefer UGC.

Vancouver, CA